Our Services

Our service offers assistance with all types of Home Office applications.

  • EEA applications
  • Naturalisation applications
  • Points Based System application
  • Family reunion applications
  • Entry clearance applications
  • Travel documents and British Passport applications
  • Settlement applications

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer fixed fees for our complete service. There are no hidden extras.
  • We each have over 10 years experience
  • We pride ourselves on our honest and clear approach
  • We are here and happy to help you
  • We provide excellent immigration advice at an accredited Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) Level 1
Our tailor-made service offers you:
  • Individual meetings to discuss your application
  • Application completion
  • Application checking
  • Document checking
  • Letter preparation
  • Follow up telephone calls
  • Any queries that Home Office may have we will address

Our bespoke service includes document photocopying and sending off the completed application to the Home Office.


EEA applications:
  • Application form for Registration Certificate or a Residence Card of an EEA family member
  • Application form for Registration Certificate or Residence Card for an extended family member (such as brother, sister, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, cousin or unmarried partner)
  • Application form to apply for, replace or renew a document certifying Permanent Residence or Permanent Residence Card
Naturalisation applications:
  • Application for naturalisation as a British Citizen
  • Application to register as a British Citizen if you were born in the UK and lived in the UK until the age of 10
  • Application for registration of a child under 18 as British Citizen if they qualify through birth or adoption
  • Application for registration as a British Citizen for people who were born before 1 July 2006 to a British father and their parents were not married.
Points Based System applications:
  • Tier 1 – Applications for highly valued migrants such as: entrepreneurs, investors, exceptional talent, graduate entrepreneurs
  • Tier 2 – Applications for skilled workers including intra company transfers, Ministers of religion and sportspersons
  • Tier 4 – Applications for students with categories: general and child
  • Tier 5 – Applications for temporary workers and youth mobility
Family reunion applications:
  • Applications for an extension of stay in any of the following categories:
  • Private life in the UK (10 year route)
  • Family life as a partner (10 year route)
  • Family life as a parent of a child in the UK (5 year & 10 year route)
Entry clearance applications:
  • Applications for Standard Visitors Visas (up to 6 months), Fiancés Visas (up to 6 months)
Travel documents and British Passport applications:
  • Applications to apply for a British Passport or travel documents if not eligible for the passport
Settlement applications:
  • Applications to apply for settlement in the UK if you have been in the UK legally for 10 continuous years (known as ‘long residence’)
  • Applications to apply for settlement in the UK if you have been in the UK continuously for 20 years